N A K I Y A  M E L A N I E 


With her love for beautiful destinations, sandy beaches, and playing Mas, Designer Nakiya Morgan was inspired to create a brand that exudes the same euphoric and serene feeling that she embodies while at her favorite beach, festival, or carnival. Sexy, daring, and handmade; Nakiya Melanie was created for the woman who is not afraid to steal the show. 


Designed and made in New York, each piece was first sketched on a drawing pad then illustrated thus bringing her vision to life. Fabric is then sourced and multiple measurements are taken prior to going into the pattern making/sample process. Every item goes through a quality check process to make sure that the item is suitable for the beach, the pool and more. This entire process takes 4-6 months per collection. Each item unless otherwise stated is 'Made to Order"  making sure that each piece is cut with each customer in mind guaranteeing the same quality across the board. 

Each collection, unless otherwise stated, is made in limited quantities to ensure exclusivity. There will be absolutely NO restocks on any items, which should always give you something new to look forward to.


Customer service hours are Monday - Friday 11am to 5pm Eastern Standard Time. Please email info@nakiyamelanie.com or submit the form below if you have any questions.

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